Giacomo Sperone Vermouth di Torino

Antonio, Andrea, The Secret Recipe

Vermouth has always been the flagship product of the Giacomo Sperone company because of its link to the city of Turin (Torino), where the company was founded. This is a re-edition of the original handcrafted formula, dated 1880, and handed down through many generations. It holds exotic notes of herbs, spices and plants including Roman wormwood, cinnamon, nutmeg and licorice.  The unique taste and aromas of this Vermouth di Torino are enhanced by a signature blend of red wines from central Italy. Taste it chilled, on the rocks, or as the main ingredient in your favorite cocktail.

In 1880, Bernardino Martini founded “Bernardino Martini & Figli” in the city of Torino (Turin).  In secret, Bernardino developed an original alcoholic infusion of herbs and spices to produce his signature Vermouth.  He soon opened a second winery in Puglia, where his son Ferdinando made the wine needed for the family’s growing Vermouth business.  Ferdinando’s daughter, Laura Martini, married a young enterprising oenologist and business man named Giacomo Sperone.  As a gift of marriage, Ferdinando gave his father’s book of secret Vermouth recipes to Giacomo. This book is now secretly and securely held by Antonio and Paolo Sperone, sons of Giacomo Sperone. Today, they run the Giacomo Sperone company together with Antonio’s son, Andrea, and daughter, Francesca (the fifth generation).

The secret recipe concocted by Bernardino is still used to produce the Sperone family’s signature vermouth lines.  The newly released Giacomo Sperone Vermouth di Torino is a premium enhancement of the original recipe.  Specific herbs and botanicals, including Artemisia (wormwood) grown only in Piedmont have been added, and the infusion is aged in oak for one month before it is blended with a special base of red wines from central Italy.  The base wine contributes significantly to the final quality.  These extra measures create an elegant, yet intense flavor profile that is delicately sweet and refreshingly bitter.  The goal is to let the drinker experience all the basic taste sensations in one glass.

Try it chilled, on the rocks, or use it to make your favorite cocktail extra delicious.

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