Boca Barrel Keg Wines

Boca Barrel is produced by Serena, a family-owned winery located in Conegliano, Italy, in the heart of Prosecco country.   Serena was founded in 1881, and Luca and Giorgio – the 5th generation – run the winery now.  Serena introduced keg wines in 1987 and have been a category leader for over 30 years. Boca Barrel Kegs are 20L, one-way PET kegs with an internal bag, 100% recyclable and made in Italy. They use a standard S-Type European Sankey connection common in most restaurants and bars.

Sell Sheets
Boca Barrel Frizzante Bianco
Boca Barrel Pinot Grigio
Boca Barrel Mediterranean Red Blend
Boca Barrel Spritz Cocktail

Technical Information
User Guide: (1 page condensed): Boca Barrel Keg Wine User Guide
Technical Tutorial PDF: Boca Barrel Keg Wine Technical Tutorial
Video Tutorial: How to Tap a Boca Barrel Keg

Logo Files
Frizzante: PNG, PDF
Pinot Grigio: PNG, PDF
Red Blend: PNG, PDF
Spritz: PNG, PDF
Brand Only: PNG, PDF

Tap Handle Photo

Selling Points

  • (1) 20 Liter Keg = 135 (5 oz.) glasses, 27 (750ml) bottles, 676 oz.
  • Cost Savings – Better margins, no wasted leftovers, employee hours saved, customers served faster
  • Freshness – Wine kept at constant temperature, no air or light contact, each glass is as fresh as the first.
  • Convenience – Wine on tap is up to 4 x faster than restocking fridges and opening and closing bottles
  • Space Savings – A 20L keg = 27 bottles.  Bottles use bar space.  Kegs can be stored away from the bar.
  • Versatility – Served by the glass or carafe as house wine or in cocktails, suitable for bars, restaurants, wine shops, hotels, catering, shows, festivals, summer patios.
  • Environment – A bar or restaurant serving 40 kegs per month will save almost 13,000 bottles/year.