Chiyomusubi translates to “Eternal Ties with People” and they have been producing sake under this bond since 1865. They are located in the small, seaside prefecture of Tottori on the Southern end of the main island. The brewery puts special emphasis on using the locally sourced Goriki rice. Goriki is an ancient rice varietal that was all but extinct until a revitalization effort in the 1980s brought it back to life. Now, only a select few rice-growers are permitted to grow Goriki. Sake made from Goriki has a sturdy structure yet a gentle aroma, and can even withstand some aging.

Spring water is resourced from nearby inland mountains. Each day during the brewing season, kura-bito (brewery workers) make a three hour trek into the mountain springs to retrieve water for brewing. Chiyomusubi shares its home town with renowned manga artist Shigeru Mizuki. So famous in Tottori that bronze statues of his characters line the streets. Chiyomusubi produces a fun and delicious line of cup sakes adorned with Mizuki’s characters that are very popular with Japanophiles abroad. In addition to sake, Chiyomusubi produces excellent sweet potato shochu at their own on-site distillery.

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Sell Sheets
Ryo Junmai Ginjo
Chiyomusubi Tokubetsu Junmai
Oni no Shitaburui Honjozo
Oyaji Gokuraku Cup Sake
Kitaro Jungin Cup Sake
Nezumi Otoko Cup Sake
Hama no Imota Shochu