Deep in the scenic Kuju Mountain Range of Oita prefecture lies Yatsushika brewery. Since 1864, Yatsushika has produced high quality sake in the ‘roof of Kyushu’, as the mountainous area is commonly known. Nestled in the bosom of nature, the secret of Yatsushika’s flavor is twofold: the clear, fresh water delivered to the brewery by a 250 meter well tapping into a natural subsoil spring, and the cold winter climate perfect for brewing sake. Yatsushika produces a range of traditional sakes. They exhibit a signature light and dry style for which the brewery is known.

Since the 1960s, sake consumption has been on the decline in Japan. This prompted Yatsushika to expand production to shochu, the national spirit of Japan. Shochu is a distilled beverage produced from a variety of raw ingredients, and often incorporates sake lees and koji during the fermentation phase of the distillation. Common base ingredients include barley, sweet potato, rice, sesame seeds, and chestnuts. In 2003, shochu surpassed sake in volume of domestic shipments, underscoring its popularity. Yatsushika produces a wide range of shochu, mainly from Barley but also from wheat, rice and sweet potato. Their flagship shochu ‘Ginza No Suzume’ (‘Sparrow of Ginza’) is produced from barley and is a top seller in the U.S.

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Sell Sheets
Yatsushika Tokubetsu Junmai
Ginza No Suzume Shochu (White Label)
Ginza No Suzume Shochu (Black Label)
Ginza No Suzume Kohaku Shochu
Yufuin Shochu (White Label)
Yufuin Shochu (Black Label)
Kagemusha Shochu