Shochu – Japanese Craft Spirits

Click on a shochu distillery below to learn about it and access sales’ materials. The shochu produced by each distillery are listed below the name.

Chiyomusubi, Tottori Prefecture, Est. 1865 
Shochu Selection: Hama no Imota

Yatsushika, Oita Prefecture, Est. 1864 
Shochu Selections: Ginza no Suzume, Yufuin, Kagemusha

Beniotome Shozu, Fukouka Prefecture Est. 1977
Shochu Selection: Beniotome

Fukiage Shochu Co., Kagoshima Prefecture Est. 1897
Shochu Selections: Kaikouzu, Fukiage

Oshima Kaioun Shuzo, Amami Islands, Est. 1998
Shochu Selections: Lento Kokuko

Inoue Shuzo, Oita Prefecture, Est. 1893
Shochu Selections: Aka Oni